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Graphics and Internet Software

Instagram Private Profile Viewer (Last Update: January 2016 )
The best solution for viewing Private Instagram profiles and photos. You can use the tool to unlock these accounts in minutes without the fear that the account owner will find out. Its fast, easy to use and safe, and most importantly its Free!

EasyPeg 1.09 (Last Update: August 20th 2014 )
Photo editor for JPEG, PNG and bitmap images, plus thumbnail creator. EasyPeg is easy to use and fast loading. Create and modify images. Cool effects for image enhancement and artwork. Unique lighting effects. Get your photos on the web. View videos. Register and get EasyPeg Pro if you like it. EasyPeg is an alternative to big and expensive solutions.


HNM Web Gallery Creator 2.13 (Last Update August 24th 2012 )
Use the Web Gallery Creator to create HTML pages with your images for your Photo Gallery. Register and get more features in HTML customization. (an earlier version called Thumbnail Creator is part of the EasyPeg distribution).


Music and Audio Software

DeCl-N 1.0 is a tool to normalize wave audio files and to remove clicks from wave audio files. For detecting clicks, DeCL only uses simple heuristics, so don't expect wonders.

VST Audio Plugins (Last Update: April 19/2012)
Plugins for Cubase, Wavelab, Audiomulch, and other VST hosts. HNM_VST (the set of all plugins), HNM_Dist (distortion/overdrive effect with a preamp and a postamp filter), HNM_Shaper (waveshaper, methods: Rectify, Reso, Noisify, ...), HNM_Filter (Low Pass, Band Pass and High Pass Filter with Resonance and a variable Slope), HNM_Ringmodulator (ringmodulate 2 channels), HNM_Wavelet (approximates the signal with the DWT)

August 20th 2011
EasyPeg 1.09 is released.

VST HNM_Filter
VST HNM_Distortion
VST HNM_Waveshaper
VST HNM_Ringmodulator
VST HNM_Wavelet
EasyPeg Pro
HNM Web Gallery Creator


Web Gallery Creator
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