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VST Plugins

VST is a trademark of Steinberg Media Technologies
VST plugins can be used with music software like Steinbergs Cubase VST

HNM_VST (Apr 19th 2001, ~ 185 kB)
all plugins
HNM_Dist (Apr 13th 2001, ~ 39 kB)
Distortion/Overdrive effect. It also has an input and an output filter.
HNM_Shaper (Apr 13th 2001, ~ 38 kB)
is a waveshaper. Modes: Rectify, Reso, Noisify. It also has an output filter.
HNM_Filter (Feb 15th 2001, ~ 38 kB)
filters a channel. Works as Low Pass, Band Pass and High Pass with Resonance.
HNM_Ringmodulator (Feb 14th 2001, ~ 37 kB)
ringmodulates two audio channels. The modulator sends its signal to the carrier. If Mute is not selected, then the original signals are mixed with the ringmodulated signals. You can only have one Modulator at a time as all carriers recieve the same signal. But you can choose as many carriers as you like. Remember, you have to choose Modulator and Carrier to get a signal!
HNM_Wavelet (Apr 19th 2001, ~ 39 kB)
approximates the signal with the DWT (mother wavelets supported: hat), works as low, high and band pass filter. The plug is no standard filter. It's more a kind of signal reconstructor and mutilator.

How to install:
Download the plugin you want and then unzip the file into the VSTPlugins subfolder of the home directory of the program you want to use it with. Check the manual of the software if you don't find this directory for the plugins.
If you use lots of plugins, it is recommended to organize them in subfolders. E.g. extract them to [YourVSTPluginDir]\HNM_Plugs.

Available VST hosts (programs that the plugins can be used with):
Cubase, Wavelab, ... by Steinberg
Logic, .. by Emagic
Audiomulch (a performance tool)

Disclaimer: If you download, install, use or uninstall these products, you do all this at your own risk. We cannot guarantee that they will work on your system and we cannot guarantee that some bug I am not aware of won't crash your system.
This software is freeware and you may install it on all your computers free of charge. But you may NOT distribute this software without permission!

August 20th 2004
EasyPeg 1.09 is released.

VST HNM_Filter
VST HNM_Distortion
VST HNM_Waveshaper
VST HNM_Ringmodulator
VST HNM_Wavelet
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