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HNM Web Gallery Creator - the easy way to get your photos on the internet!

The Web Gallery Creator is a program for creating internet photo galleries. Various wizards will help you. The Web Gallery Creator supports templates for automatically creating different kinds of pre-defined galleries in HTML. You can also load and save sets of photos with their description.
Control the quality and adjust the level of compression for the photos.
The Web Gallery Creator is optimized for adding a gallery into pages you designed. See help for details.

Registered users can use more features, i.e. in HTML costumization (full control over the HTML templates, the schemes for thumbnails, images and navigation, ...), load and save your own templates, load and save complete galleries.

Supported image file formats: JPG, BMP, JPEG200, PNG, WMF, EMF, PCX

Downloading may take some minutes, please be patient.

August 24th 2003 , roughly 943 kByte
Web Gallery Creator 2.13
(Server 1 - Europe)
Web Gallery Creator 2.13
( - USA)

(simply start the file for installation)

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Online Documentation with FAQ and typical problems with solutions

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Disclaimer: If you download, install, use or uninstall these products, you do all this at your own risk. You may install and use it on all your computers free of charge. If you like it, please register to get more features of HTML customization and more. Please test the software before you buy it.
You may NOT distribute this software without permission!

User Feedback

Please tell us your wishes for future versions of the program. What is important for you and what do you want us to improve?
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Please check the features you want or want to be improved. If you check a feature, why not be more specific in the comment.
image editing (brightness, border, trim,..)
more wizards (please tell in comment for what you want one)
make it easier for beginners to create and edit HTML pages
new tags for customization (please be more specific in the comment)
import for more graphic file formats
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Version changes and Bugs:
  • August 24 th 2003: Verson 2.13 is online. It fixes some bugs and adds minor improvements.
  • July 27th 2003: Version 2.12 is online. Fixes some bugs, adds more tags and supports more image file formats. It adds the advanced image options "Field A", "Field B", and "Field C" to support further customization of the schemes with image specific fields. Unregistered users can now better evaluate the program as less options are blocked.
  • August 9th 2002: Version 2.11 is online. Fixes bugs with the wizard and the special form gui, adds option to create a java script slide show.
  • July 2nd 2002: Version 2.10 is online. It fixes bugs, e.g. in the navigation scheme. Now it only recomputes the images when necessary even with the watermark effect in use, modifies the option to create galleries recursively for a directory and its subdirectories.
  • May 17th 2002: Version 2.09 is online. It fixes some bugs and allows to add a watermark text to your images.
  • April 24th 2002: Version 2.08 is online. Adds advanced image options and new scheme tags, improves the documentation, removes a bug with paragraph display, option for other default HTML extension, only recomputes changes, warns before destroying originals.
  • February 26th 2002: Version 2.07 is online. Improving the images page (larger image, image not stretched anymore), completely renovated the file manager (change the name of the gallery file to avoid overwriting an old gallery in the same directory using the same template with frames). Fixing a bug that didn't allow 1:1 view in the adjust JPEG compression windows. Fixing a bug with navigation schemes, modified the navigation wizard schemes to remove having whitespace as part of a link. Plus other minor improvements (e.g. registration button in the starting window).
  • January 7th 2002: Version 2.06 is online. Fixing a bug with linking to images, improves error messages for problematic images.
  • December 10th 2001: Version 2.05 is online. Meta-Tag-Generation and the possibility to disable the right mouse button in the gallery, color wizard, ...
  • November 24th 2001: Version 2.04 is online. Better documentation. New ftp engine.
  • ..
  • May 24th 2001: Version 1.0 is online.

August 20th 2004
EasyPeg 1.09 is released.

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HNM Web Gallery Creator


Web Gallery Creator
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