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August 20th 2004:
EasyPeg 1.09 is online. It adds support for gif images. Additionally, the update provides better support for multiuser systems. Finally, it fixes the bug that caused EasyPeg to crash on startup after installation.
May 2nd 2004:
EasyPeg 1.08 is online. This version fixes a bug that caused EasyPeg to crash sometimes. There is a new effect called "Add Noise".
January 5th 2004:
EasyPeg 1.07 is online. EasyPeg now has gamma correction and allows to modify hue and saturation. Plus other minor modifications.
August 24th 2003:
HNM Web Gallery Creator 2.13 is online. It fixes some bugs that caused the program to terminate, plus minor improvements.
August 3rd 2003:
EasyPeg 1.06 is online. Minor update that fixes problems with opening files on start and sending files to EasyPeg.
July 27th 2003:
Web Gallery Creator 2.12 is online. It fixes some bugs, adds new tags, and adds support for more image file formats.
June 7th 2003:
EasyPeg 1.05 is online. It fixes a severe bug in the registration of version 1.04.
June 1st 2003:
EasyPeg 1.04 is online. It improves some effects and adds new ones. It adds support for new image formats, among them JPEG 2000.
March 5th 2003:
EasyPeg 1.03 is online. It improves the Image Browser and fixes some bugs, e.g. in the Video Player, plus other minor improvements.
March 4th 2003:
New design online. A new version of EasyPeg is soon to be released.
August 9th 2002:
Web Gallery Creator 2.11 is online. Fixes bugs with the wizard and the special form gui, adds option to create a java script slide show.
July 2nd 2002:
Web Gallery Creator 2.10 is online. Removes some bugs and improves some features.
May 30th 2002:
EasyPeg 1.02 is online. Removes some bugs and uses less ressources.
May 17th 2002:
Web Gallery Creator 2.09 is online. Removes some bugs, now allows to add a watermark text to your images.
April 24th 2002:
Web Gallery Creator 2.08 is online. Adds advanced image options and new scheme tags, improves the documentation, removes a bug with paragraph display, option for other default HTML extension, only recomputes changes, ...
March 28th 2002:
EasyPeg 1.01 is online, adding image browser and save bitmap dialog.
February 26th 2002:
Web Gallery Creator 2.07 is online. Improving images, file manager page and other things. Fixing some bugs.
January 7th 2002:
Web Gallery Creator 2.06 is online. Fixing a bug with linking to images, improves error messages for problematic images.
June 7th 2001:
EasyPeg 1.0.5 is online. This version fixes some bugs, adds select by color, pen size can now be modified directly in the main window, ...
... May 24th 2001:
Web Gallery Creator 1.0 is online.
March 26th 2001:
Official EasyPeg version 1.0 released.

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August 20th 2004
EasyPeg 1.09 is released.

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