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EasyPeg - the easy way to edit your photos!

Features (more to come)
supports JPG, JPEG, JPEG 2000, PNG, GIF, BMP, EMF, WMF, ICO

Resize, Negative Image, Brightness, Contrast, Flip, Rotate, Switch Colors, Light and Darkness, Distortion, Motion Blur, Sharpen, various Filters (Low Pass, High Pass, Moving Average, Fourier Transform and Wavelet Transform, useful for unsharpen, edge detection, removing noise and other things), Gamma Correction, Red Eye Removal (still experimental, feel free to send an image (please below 40kB) for helping to improve the effect) ...

Thumbnail Creator and a Wizard for the Thumbnail Creator, the Thumbnail Creator supports templates for automatically creating different kinds of galleries in HTML. You can also load and save sets of photos with their description.
Adjust the level of compression when saving your photos.

Selection Modes:
Rectangle, Circle, Point, Polygon, Freehand, by Color

Paint Modes:
Freehand, Line

Other features:
browse through the images on your hard disk and on a website, open up to 5 images at once, add Text to your photos, zoom the displayed photo, capture your desktop, view MPEG/AVI video files, send images from your desktop or the windows explorer to EasyPeg, comes with Installer and Uninstaller

Downloading may take some minutes, please be patient.

English version:
EasyPeg 1.09 (August 20th 2004 , roughly 950 kByte) (simply start EasyPegSetup.exe for installation)
EasyPeg 1.09 (Europe)
EasyPeg 1.09 (Europe)
EasyPeg 1.09 (USA)

German version:
EasyPeg 1.09 Deutsch (August 20th 2004 , roughly 956 kByte) (simply start EasyPegSetupDeutsch.exe for installation)
EasyPeg 1.09 Deutsch (Server 1)
EasyPeg 1.09 Deutsch (Server 2)

Russian version: Translated and created by V. Eglit.

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For Online Documentation
go to
Online Documention (in English)
Online Dokumenation (auf Deutsch)

Go to the EasyPeg Gallery

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Disclaimer: If you download, install, use or uninstall these products, you do all this at your own risk. You may install and use it on all your computers free of charge. If you like it, please register. Please test the software before you buy it.
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Version changes and Bugs:
  • August 20th 2004: EasyPeg 1.09 is online. It adds support for gif images. Additionally, the update provides better support for multiuser systems. Finally, it fixes the bug that caused EasyPeg to crash on startup after installation.
  • May 2nd 2004: EasyPeg 1.08 is online. This version fixes a bug that caused EasyPeg to crash sometimes. There is a new effect called "Add Noise".
  • January 5th 2004: EasyPeg 1.07 is online. EasyPeg now has gamma correction and allows to modify hue and saturation. Plus other minor modifications.
  • August 3rd 2003: EasyPeg 1.06 is online. It fixes a bug when sending image files from a directory to EasyPeg.
  • June 1st 2003: EasyPeg 1.04 is online. It improves some effects and adds new ones. Additionally, new file formats are supported (e.g. JPEG2000).
  • March 5th 2003: EasyPeg 1.03 is online. It improves the Image Browser and fixes some bugs, e.g. in the Video Player, plus other minor improvements.
  • May 30th 2002: fixes some bugs, needs less system ressources.
  • March 28th 2002: major update, adding image browser, added bitmap save dialog.
  • December 8th 2001: Minor bug fix.
  • November 26th 2001: Version 1.0.10 is online. Fixes a problem with large images and resource problems. You can now save all images when EasyPeg runs out of resources.
  • November 10th 2001: Version 1.0.9 is online. Fixes a bug in the thumbnail creator, adds the effect "Buttonize & Posterize".
  • October 16th 2001: Version 1.0.8 is online. Fixes a bug in the video frame extractor.
  • August 30th 2001: Version 1.0.7 is online. Fixes some minor bugs. Light and Darkness now uses anti-aliasing. Documentation was slightly improved.
  • June 25th 2001: Version 1.0.6 is online. Added WMF, EMF support and improved the PNG support.
  • June 7th 2001: Version 1.0.5 is online. Added selection by color, pen width can now be modified directly in the main window, added a registration wizard. Bugs fixed: a problem with the clipboard, if "No html" is selected, no html file is necessary, changing file type in the save menu didn't produce the expected results, so it was changed, found a memory leek, corrected edit/undo problems with painting, worked on error handler for stability ...
  • May 2nd 2001: Version 1.0.4 is online. Added Multi-language support and fixed some bugs, e.g. the video extractor crashed when the maximum number of images was open.
  • ...
  • March 28th 2001: Version 1.0 is online.

August 20th 2004
EasyPeg 1.09 is released.

VST HNM_Filter
VST HNM_Distortion
VST HNM_Waveshaper
VST HNM_Ringmodulator
VST HNM_Wavelet
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HNM Web Gallery Creator


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